Hi yall, I’m Loren and I built Dollar Squeezing Mom for some financial accountability for myself, to help others get a handle on their finances, and *hopefully* to serve as another source of income for my family.




I know how hopeless it seems when you work hard but feel like you are spinning your wheels, financially. This blog is full of money saving tips and tricks, advice on how to handle your finances better, and ways to increase your income.

At one point we lived seven people in a two bedroom house, and still couldn’t afford to keep the lights on, so I’ve been there. But I know its not hopeless or permanent, because now my husband runs his own business and I am an assistant manager in a retail store making a decent hourly wage. Now that doesn’t mean we don’t still struggle. Money is still tight and we are barely above the poverty level, but we’ve come a long ways. And I want to share with you some things I’ve learned on the journey.

I live on the VA/NC border with my husband, our two girls, my son, and my two step-sons. Yes, five kids! We have a dog, two cats, and a couple of chickens. I work a full time job and a part time job, but you can always find me on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. Or curled up with a book on my days off. 🙂