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I started this blog because I’m passionate about personal finance. We’ve been so, so poor. And there’s a sense of hopelessness that is hard to overcome. I want to help people see that there is a way out of poverty and possibly help them. Blogging is a whole new world for me. I’m still shy about reaching out and making connections, however, I’m exactly the same way IRL.

Also, I want to make money. Let’s be real, these days it seems like everyone is starting a blog to make money. And by the looks of some bloggers, it’s not a bad idea! I, personally, am ready to leave at least one of my jobs. Working 60 or so hours every week is starting to get to me. But I also have financial goals, like getting out of debt and buying a house. And extra income from a blog would really help meet those a lot sooner!

Income report from my 5th month of blogging parttime

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The Stats


The Blog

February page views – 738

The goal was 200. So…wow. I’m excited!! Thanks, guys for checking out my blog! I’m sure 738 doesn’t sound like much (especially compared to some other bloggers), but ya’ll – that means 738 people have read my stuff! ER-MAZING!!

Ok, so my goal for March was gonna be 1000. Buuut… now I’m going to stretch to 1500!

Subscribers – 2 (Hi guys!!)

My goal was to have an email service set-up (to my liking). So this is definitely a success. I ended up going with MailChimp, and after a day (or two) of being like “What does any of this even mean?” and a few google searches, I love it. (I am so not technically inclined ya’ll)

My goal for March is 5. Baby steps on the email because I’m still trying to get comfortable with it.

Posts published in February – 4

My goal was to publish once a week (success) and to have 8 weeks of posts ready. I still don’t have 8 weeks at the ready, but I am keeping a 2-3 week buffer between what I’m writing and what’s publishing.

Top posts this month –

What is a Survival Budget? (And how to make one)

Second Income Report

How to Use Your Tax Return (like an adult)

Social Media

I wasn’t planning on focusing a whole lot on the social media side of things. I needed to focus on the look/layout of the site and my email service. And since I have to other jobs outside of the home (plus I’m trying to get ready for some craft fairs/farmers markets) I didn’t want to have too long of a to-do list for February.

Pinterest followers – 129 (93 in January)

I am constantly on Pinterest even when I’m not necessarily focused on increasing my traffic. And around the middle of the month (after I figured out my emails), I started working to grow Pinterest. I joined a few FaceBook groups and set up a schedule for pinning my own content. Follow me here

My goal for March is 250 followers. I’m a little scared of that number because I’ve never seen that much growth! But if I really buckle down I can do it!

Instagram followers – 82 (80 in January)

I’ve had some dumb phone issues and had to delete Instagram from my phone. I’ve worked it out (for now), but I wasn’t posting for most of the month, so I’m excited about any growth! Check out my Instagram here. My goal for March is to keep posting once a day (or so) and see what happens. I’m going to try to link back to specific posts occasionally too.

My goal for March 100.

Twitter followers – 17 (6 in January)

Ya’ll I’m still not familiar with Twitter. I’m working on Pinterest and Instagram (that I already use constantly) first. But if you want to check out my bumbling around on Twitter, here I am.

My goal for March is to actually use Twitter! LOL

And the Facebook page is finally launched! You can check it out here. Fair warning though – I’m still not doing anything with it yet.

Income Report

My fifth month of blogging and I made $0.00. Nada, zero, zilch.

When I first started blogging I wanted to be one of those people who did everything right and was making money 6 months in……however during my 3-month mini-hiatus during the holiday season, I realized that slow and steady will also win the race. I enjoy writing and I’m not stressing the lack of income as of yet.

Also, I am still working a full-time job and a part-time job. And I’m restarting my soaping business. (Check it out here.) I like soaping, and making soap itself doesn’t take a ton of time. However, finding craft shows to sell at, marketing, and packaging does take a good amount of my time.

Since I report income/expenses as they hit my bank account, you won’t see hosting as an expense this month. But if you’re curious I spent $25.68 for an entire year of hosting, plus if you sign-up with my link you’ll get $2 off (that’s less than $2/month!)






An even $0.

My fifth month of blogging parttime. While still working a fulltime and parttime job.

16 thoughts on “Income Report From My 5th Month of Blogging

  1. Love your attitude! I’m also a slow and steady kinda gal. It’s especially challenging when you’re only able to do this part time but still see so many other people out there blogging full time and growing really quickly.

    1. Thanks Nicole. Sometimes I get really frustrated. Mostly because I’m so ready to be able leave my job. But, I can only do so much! LOL Plus, I am gaining traction so I’ll definitely get eventually!

  2. I really love this idea! It establishes accountability and allows you to view your progress. Great job and keep up the good work!

    1. Thanks! That’s why I do these income reports, so it’s great to know that it is motivating others!

  3. Thank you for sharing!! I’m in month two and also wanted to be one of those who made money in 30 days blah blah blah but I realized something. Most of them seem to be blogging about how to blog. So naturally it’s a well built up niche and lots of eager traffic. I really hope yours takes off so you I can stop working 60 hours.

    1. Thanks, Rocky. I’ve also noticed that niche seems to be very profitable. And I hope so too, I’m a natural workaholic, but it’s getting old.

  4. Love your transparency! It is definitely a slow and steady journey but I know it’s worth it! Can’t wait to see what you do!

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